15 febrero 2009


Como algunos sabréis, escribir canciones es una de mis pasiones.
Como todos sabéis, me gusta exhibir mis creaciones.
Como os imagináis por el título, os voy a dejar algunas de las frases que más me gustan de mis canciones.
Como quizás sepáis: están en inglés. JA.

I'm a miserable slave waiting for release
Sick and tired of his disease
Looking for someone to please
(Music Makes Me Lose Control)

You have given me your sincere support on the bad times
And I feel I've had a lack of nice words
You have been there everytime I suffered from sadness
And my eyes could only see the blur

All that I've heard you talking 'bout is guns and swords
Don't have to be a genius to understand those words
You must've had a trauma, you're clearly not over it
Your words and your actions are never accurate
(Second Thought)

People always trying to hurt somebody else
People always find unexisting evidence
People never want me to find real happiness
Everything I do means that I'm a mess

Sex, drugs and alcohol
Philosophy of rock 'n' roll
You should have an own patrol
To keep an eye on you everytime you lose control
Cause everytime I look at your eyes
Your pupils are colder than ice
You're self-centred and independent
So I've lost all my hopes
That you'll hear my advice

Before you accuse an innocent
You must have proves to justify
Before you take a risk you must
Be sure that this is gonna last
So if you've got doubts in your heart
I'm gonna wait, no matter how long
Cause I will love you still
(Let Me Know If You're In Love With Me)

You're worse than weed
You're the addiction of my soul
You're the cruelest fear
You've got me trapped inside a hole
And you're what I want
What I desire, who I love
You're the revenge of a game that I lost
(Feels Like Home)

Systematic free-fall in the arms of pain
The story of me and you was just the same
Different players of the same old game
Once I would have taken the risk to take the blame
But now I know it's not me who is to blame
Love is devil with the face of saint
(Won't Take It Anymore)

Two was like the Sun in the weather
And that is why my sky was always cloudy
Two was the promise that you would never
And that is why it turned out to be always

4 comentarios:

  1. ...son muy buenas, la música me anima un montón pero hay frases que quedan ahí grabadas y nadie sabe muy bien el porqué pero en inglés como que todo pega más...jajajaj

  2. Acho, acho, aver si subes algo al llutuf, norl?


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